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M.E. Plumbing is the right choice to call for plumbing service in San Marcos, Texas. Fully licensed and bonded, Michael Edwards and his team have the skills and education to properly tackle any plumbing you may encounter. Whether you need to repair a leaky faucet or install new plumbing fixtures in your home, we are here to help! Having a great plumber to assist you in fixing whatever issue may arise can make life a lot easier. Licensed by the state of Texas for decades, M.E. Plumbing customers return to us for regular house maintenance screenings, knowing they’ll get great service at an affordable price. Located in San Marcos, Texas, ME Plumbing is a leading Texas plumbing company. Our San Marcos plumbing services include repair, installation, and maintenance. License and insurance are included with each Plumber Technician. As well as plumbing repair services, we offer San Marcos plumbing maintenance. If you are searching for ‘plumbing companies near me’, we provide water heater repair services, sump pump repair services, faucet repair services, and toilet repair services.

Winter Plumbing Problems in San Marcos

Although Texas doesn’t have the harshest winters, we all know that temperatures below freezing occur annually. Your home’s water pipes can be severely damaged by freezing temperatures. In order to winterize pipes, you can perform obvious tasks such as installing heat wires and stopping faucets from dripping. Nevertheless, it does happen. As a result of a dreadful winter occurrence in February 2021, we have learned that our plumbing is very fragile during the winter. When facing winter-related plumbing issues in San Marcos, be prepared to call a plumber. The M.E. Plumbing team can be reached by dialing 512-392-5644. Plumbing. Be sure to fix leaks, cracks, and breaks right away.


10 Steps to Select a Professional Plumber in San Marcos

The process of finding the best plumbing company can, however, be quite challenging. It’s obvious that a professional plumbing company will do the job expertly for you.

Consider these factors as you choose a plumber:

1.Make sure the plumbing company you hire has valid credentials such as M.E. Plumbing license number Texas RMP – 37076. Workmates, friends, family members, and neighbors should be able to recommend you. A real estate agent and an electrician may also be able to give you information. For local plumbers, you can also check out directories like the Yellow Pages.

2. Get quotes from prospective plumbers and compare their prices. When comparing costs and needs, consider what needs fixing. Verify the material and labor charges, as well as the contingency charges. The costs involved should be clarified, as well as how those costs are calculated. You should avoid hiring someone who cannot tell you exactly what their charges are. You can request a free estimate in San Marcos by calling (512) 392-5644.

3. Make sure the prospective plumber has a valid license. They can do the plumbing work because this shows their ability and qualification. Plumbing licenses are required by Texas law. It doesn’t make sense to risk hiring an unlicensed plumbing company, regardless of how affordable they may be.

Your home’s plumbing is in the hands of professionals with a lot of expertise, so you can feel confident that your house is in good hands. The plumber you hire should have the appropriate insurance. The insurer will then cover any damage to your property caused by plumbing work. Additionally, workman’s compensation ensures that plumbers are fully compensated for any injuries they might sustain.

4. You are responsible for any unexpected damages if they don’t have insurance. In order to obtain reimbursement, you must sue them and go through a tedious process. It is therefore imperative to hire an insured plumber.

5. Referrals are highly recommended. Before you enter into any agreement, do your research. When you know what to expect from the person you will be working with, you are less likely to regret your choice.
Plumbing professionals shouldn’t keep their reviews a secret. Getting them for a job should be avoided if they do. You can ensure that they will give you excellent service by reading reviews.
Make sure you take time to contact references provided by the plumber about their experiences with the company. If the services provided were satisfactory, ask if they were. By managing expectations, you can avoid getting unreliable companies.

6. Check the experience of your prospective plumber. Find out how long the company has offered plumbing services. With the help of an experienced plumber, you’ll have a greater chance of getting great results. Work of good quality lasts longer than work of poor quality.
Additionally, make sure that the person running the business is professional. Make sure they talk to their customers well and dress nicely. The importance of communication to a business cannot be overstated. A systematic approach to scheduling and invoicing would be beneficial.

7. Upon completion of the work, you should also receive a compliance certificate from a professional plumber. For their work, they should also provide a six-month warranty.

8. Don’t hire a plumber who gives quotes without physically inspecting the work. Plumbing materials and procedures aren’t known to such plumbers. Your bill could be much higher than you expect.

9. Plumbing companies that require upfront payment shouldn’t be trusted. Ultimately, they might end up delaying the job or disappearing with your money. When working on big projects, you can still pay by milestone, such that you pay partially upon completion of each task or part of a larger task.

10. The contract should be signed by you and the plumber once you have chosen them. Copy the contract for future reference. Ensure that all the important details are included in the contract. You should never enter into verbal agreements because you would have a hard time arguing your case if something went wrong in the future.

It is also important to include the expected timeline in your contract. As stipulated in the contract, make sure that the work will be completed on time. Whenever they change the time frames for completing the repairs, they must inform you first to let you know what’s going on.

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