Sewer Lines

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The professionals at M.E. Plumbing, LLC. proudly service Seguin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, La Vernia, Gonzales, and surrounding areas of Texas with premier drain repair services. If you are experiencing slow moving drains, you may have a blockage in the sewer lines of your home or business. When the drains are blocked, backup shows up in the laundry or other sinks in the home. This may be a relatively minor problem–or a huge one–depending on what the blockage is. In the past, there was very little way to know the extent of the damage of drain repair without digging up your property; an expensive & destructive act. However, expert plumbers now use video sewer inspection to view and diagnose the cause of a blocked sewer line. By using a flexible, fiber-optic video camera that is threaded through the sewer line, your plumber can see and record the workings of your sewer lines.

Causes of blocked sewer lines include:

  • Construction debris

  • Tree roots

  • Pipes that have settled, been crushed, punctured or become disjointed.

  • Improper installation of sewer lines

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