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Plumbing issues and busted pipes can happen at anytime – especially when you least expect it. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are your primary areas in the home that water pipes can cause the most damage. A busted water pipe will not only cause damage to the wall and surrounding furniture, but it also has the potential to cause mold and mildew buildup. Don’t let your problems sit un attended! If you know of or suspect faulty piping in your home, it’s imperitave to call the professionals. If you return home to a floor of water and need a plumber FAST, call the experts at M.E. Plumbing. We are standing ready to serve your with all your emergency plumbing issues in San Marcos.

Winter Plumbing Problems in San Marcos

Texas is not known for the harshest winters, however, we all know that temperatures below freezing occur annually. Freezing temperatures can cause significant damage to your home water pipes. There are obvious tasks you can perform to help winterize pipes such as heat wire and dripping of faucets. But the inevitable does happen. We experienced a dreadful winter occurrence in February 2021, and have all learned that our plumbing is fragile in the winter months. Be prepared to call a plumber if you experience winter-related plumbing problems in San Marcos. Add 512-392-5644 to your speed dial to immediately call the team at M.E. Plumbing. Don’t let leaks, cracks, or breaks go unattended.


6 Great Tips to Keep Pipes From Freezing

In San Marcos, you need to worry only about the water supply pipes, not the drain pipes. Water pipes are small, only about 1 inch in diameter or smaller. Drain pipes are 1 1/2 inches and larger and are usually made of plastic. Drain pipes carry wastewater, but they do not hold water and are not pressurized like water pipes, so freezing inside drains is not a concern.

  •  1. Keep the Heat On
  •  2. Allow the Faucet to Drip
  •  3. Keep Interior Doors Open
  •  4. Seal up Cracks and Holes
  •  5. Apply Heating Tape
  •  6. Add Extra Insulation

Cold temperatures can cause water pipes to freeze. Freezing in a pipe creates a lot of pressure inside the pipe and can cause the pipe to burst and likely lead to serious flooding, especially when there’s no one around to turn off the water. The best prevention against frozen pipes is to keep them warm enough to stay above the freezing point. You can do this with any one of six simple steps or, better still, a combination of measures.

For more good advice and tips to winterizing your pipes, check out our other pages.

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